What Makes A Great Real Estate Agent?



The first answer we got to this question was: communication!

Many real estate agents don’t take the time to call back or listen properly to what their clients want. As for those real estate agents who are great communicators, who do return calls and stay in regular contact, their efforts inevitably pay off. The result is not only a signed contract but also gushing referrals to friends, family and colleagues!  The Suzy Goldstein Team is there for all your real estate needs. There is no such thing as a silly question!


“I Told My Real Estate Agent I Needed Time!”

Patience is something that comes up surprisingly often. Patience and real estate agents – how does that work? Mostly it’s the ability to understand that sometimes people aren’t ready to buy the first house they’re shown! We hear a lot about real estate agents who get frustrated after showing three or four properties because their clients still aren’t sure and want to see more. Buying a house is a big deal; it’s not like getting a sweater – you can’t just return it if it doesn’t fit!

A knowledgeable real estate agent is a BIG one on the wish list! The obvious question is: aren’t all real estate agents knowledgeable? The answer: not always. By knowledgeable, I mean understanding the market, knowing the trends and being able to advise accordingly. You are not a real estate agent – you have no idea about the housing market except for maybe what you see on CNN! You’re relying on your real estate agent to guide you.


Did Your Real Estate Agent Actually Do What They Promised?

Surprisingly, follow-up ranked pretty high on the list as well. A lot of people experienced very good initial conversations with their real estate agents. They came across as professional, knowledgeable and very eager to please. Unfortunately, there was no follow-up or follow through afterwards.

The last of the top points went for honesty – a real estate agent should be honest. But what does that mean exactly? Honesty should be defined as keeping the clients’ interests as the top priority and getting them the best deal possible. If that means a lower commission or more time taken to close a deal, then so be it.

These are just a few things people felt made a great real estate agent. What qualities would YOU like to see in your real estate agent? Always make sure the real estate agents you are talking to understand your particular needs.   Looking for the best?  Contact the Suzy Goldstein team


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